Webinars and podcasts

A variety of high-quality webinars about job seeking, career planning and working life skills will be provided during the project years. The webinar lectures deal with issues like proactive job seeking, creating impressive job applications and CVs, making a good impression on job interviews, using LinkedIn efficiently in Job Hunting etc. The first webinars will take place in May 2021.

Momentum podcast consists of career related discussions with interesting guests, such as recruiters, career coaches, working life experts, job seekers, students etc. The first podcasts will be aired in the autumn of 2021.

Upcoming webinars and podcasts

Our live webinars will continue in the spring, and we'll also soon be kicking off Momentum Podcast. Meanwhile you can utilize our previous recordings!

All our webinars and podcasts will be recorded and the published recordings will be available until the year 2023.

webinars and podcasts