The value of social media to job searching has nowadays grown and become essential. Not only LinkedIn, but also platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have demonstrated their benefits in finding jobs. On the employer side, social media is a powerful and cost-effective tool for finding candidates, as well as strengthening the company brand. At the same time, job seekers need to pay more attention to these possibilites and approach social media strategically. On different platforms you can also find job postings that are not advertised for anywhere else. But how? And how do you apply for them? Join our webinar and learn strategies and best practices to utilize social media at every stage of your job hunting.

Our guest presenter for this webinar is social media expert Tom Laine, HC Services.

(In this webinar we’re concentrating on other social media platforms than LinkedIn – you can find our webinar recordings related to LinkedIn here.)

Click here to watch the webinar as a recording.