Online career coaching

Our online coach can help you put the final touches to your career plan or optimise your job seeking tools. The coaching will be provided around themes such as your personal job seeking plan, CV, cover letter/job application, LinkedIn profile, job interviews, elevator pitch etc. 


1. Think carefully on what aspect of your job seeking or career planning you need help from the coach. In a one hour meeting we are not able to cover everything. You can always set another appointment with the coach if you want to continue with some other topics as well. Please note that our coaching is not focused on specific fields or industries. We provide help with general planning, proactivity, self-knowledge, job seeking tools, CV etc. If you need help with industry specific career opportunities or networking, we recommend you to get in touch with the career services of your own trade union

2. Send an e-mail to the coach to venla.vuorjoki(at) and describe your situation briefly, what you hope for the coaching, and how soon you wish to meet the coach. Our coach Venla will answer you within 1-3 business days to suggest an appointment time.

3. Please note that the coach will always send you some pre-assignment(s) when suggesting the time for coaching. You might be asked e.g. to watch a certain webinar recording, fill in a questionnaire or send your CV to the coach. Depending on the agreed focus for the coaching.

4. Meeting the coach also always requires that you have filled in and sent us the participation form

online career coaching