Momentum live event in Kauppakeskus Valkea, Oulu - no web-broadcast or recording

Update your job seeking skills to match the requirements of today´s recruiting processes. Join our event in the centre of Oulu to hear more about optimized CVs, job applications, LinkedIn profiles  and various methods to use in the process of marketing your competence to future employers in Finland. The focus is also on how to customize your job search, express your motivation and to be aware of the practises in the Finnish job market.

What makes you professionally unique? How do you target your CV from one potential employer to another? We’ll talk about researching the employer and matching your skills with their needs. How do you describe your competences in your CV and application? We’ll also take a look at LinkedIn – the key sections in your profile, highlighting your skill-set, and finding job opportunities at times published in LinkedIn only.

Coached by career expert and project manager Kirsi Pajamäki, Arffman Finland.

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