CV Workshop

Momentum Workshop, Thursday December 2nd at 9-14.

Location: Shopping Centre Valkea (4th floor), Isokatu 25, 90100 Oulu. (No internet broadcast)

Having an impressive CV is one of the corner stones in job seeking. At its best, CV brings out your competencies, skills, strengths, persona, motivation and potential – related to the position you are applying to! The key is to customize your CV according to the job or company you are interested in and to present your expertise widely enough but still in a way that is easily read and grasped.

This CV Workshop includes an orientation as well as a practical part. In the orientation, we discuss the question of what makes a good CV. In the practical part we share examples, modify our CVs and share feedback about what kind of images our CVs give from us.

The workshop will be hosted and led by career expert Kirsi Pajamäki, Arffman Finland.

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